Irrigation Installation


Harman Landscaping, Inc., installs and maintains irrigation systems.

Irrigation is necessary to maintain beautiful and healthy plants and grasses. Though we, in the Cape Fear area, often get over 50 inches of rain per year, it often doesn't come at the times that our plants and grass need it. The only way to make up for this deficit, is to water it yourself. An irrigation system is the most efficient way to handle this task.

We at Harman Landscaping, Inc., will evaluate your landscape and offer you an efficient plan and free estimate to install a green-friendly irrigation system

Some things to consider when deciding on an irrigation system: To help conserve water: limit traffic over the lawn, improve turf rooting, control thatch and soil compaction. Keep the water from hitting the driveway, patio or street.

We also install drip and spray systems for porches and greenhouses.